Reef, Beef & Bubbles

This time round we’re bringing you Reef, Beef & Bubbles in all our bars, and on top of that we’ve got not one, but two different options! For January only, you can have a saintly steak, prawns and a glass of Prosecco for £9.95, and it’s under 500 calories too!

If you’re more sinner than saint, go the whole hog (or should we say cow) and have steak, lobster, chips AND a glass of Champagne for £19.95

Not drinking for Jan? Or just not a drinker full stop? Not to worry, we’ve got a non-alcoholic Prosecco that’s got your name on it! Simply ask to swap! And if you tightening those purse strings but fancy a carb or two, why not add chips to your steak and prawns? Book your table now.

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